Born again believers have been brought into a realm of power and authority that represents and demonstrates who God really is. When we seek
first (focus and prioritise) His kingdom and His righteousness (the way
He does things) He attends to the rest. When we pray ‘Your Kingdom
come, Your will be done’ we begin to participate beyond the door of
salvation. Having met my Saviour, I move on to maturity in Him,
knowing Him as Lord and as I begin to participate in Kingdom, His
Kingdom advances forecfully bringing lasting change or reformation to
the kingdoms still under the sway of this world.

Storms come but Jesus is in the boat (Luke 8). If Jesus said it will happen,
it will happen so long as we stay in the boat, and stay obedient. We haveno fear of the future, in fact we can laugh at the days to come because
we’ve ready the end of the Book. Proverbs 31:21-25.

Every blessing as we pray ‘Your Kingdom come, Your will be done’,
‘seeking first the Kingdom and His righteousness’, participating in
Kingdom until ‘the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of
our God’ Revelation 11:15. Just as we are become the children of God at
salvation, so the kingdoms of this world must become the kingdoms of
our God.

CONNECT:  Across the suburbs, there are places and times to gather and grow together, to Connect.  People are meeting in homes, around common interests, at Cafes.  For more information about connecting through the week please contact Pastors Eric, Marg and Simon:

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Devotion: Monday through Friday: 8:30am

Corporate prayer: Sunday 9:15am


  • FunCity Kids every Sunday for children 0-11 years old, 9:30am Registration
  • Sun City Community Playgroup, Tuesdays during term
  • mainly music, Thursdays during term
  • Blast, Fridays, after school during School term
  • FunCity Connects

FILIPINO FELLOWSHIP:  Meeting on last Saturdays of each month.  Please check with Aldwin Pipon for details.

SUN CITY YOUNG ADULTS:  For more details:

SUN CITY SENIORS: Meeting with Wednesday Church. 

SUN CITY WORSHIPS:  Wednesday practice 6:30pm.

SUN CITY YOUTH:  For more details: