CONNECT:  Across the suburbs, there are places and times to gather and grow together, to Connect.  People are meeting in homes, around common interests, at Cafes.  For more information about connecting through the week please contact Pastors Eric Behiels and Margaret Christopher:

Please scroll through for other opportunities to belong to and be part of.


Devotion: Monday through Friday: 8:30am

Corporate prayer: Sunday 9:15am


Every Sunday for children 0-11 years old, 10am – Registration: 9:30am

5pm – Registration 4:45pm

mainly music, Thursdays during term from 10am

FILIPINO FELLOWSHIP:  Meeting on last Saturdays of each month. 

SUN CITY YOUNG ADULTS:  For more details:

SUN CITY SENIORS: Meeting with Wednesday Church. 

SUN CITY WORSHIPS:  Wednesday practice 6:30pm.

SUN CITY YOUTH:  For more details: