Reputation! The Bible says it is worth more than gold and silver. Henry Ford said you can’t build one on what you are going to do.  Physical exercise is of some benefit but godliness is profitable for now and the time to come.  There are things we can do that build, uphold and display the good reputation of Jesus Christ.  Whilst we are not saved by works, we are saved for them and it is these that pre-believers see.


There are things to abstain from; things to restrain and things to strain for.

All of these will bring benefit to us and others but most importantly will bring glory to God.

An Invitation to Fast

Sun City CC invites everyone to take part in our corporate fast in January.  We continue in our desire to love mercy, show justice and walk humbly with our God – to align our hearts with His, to walk out His purposes, hand in hand with Him.  What your fast looks like is entirely up to you but please take great care with your health in mind.  Never too late to start!


CONNECT:  Across the suburbs, there are places and times to gather and grow together, to Connect.  People are meeting in homes, around common interests, at Cafes.  For more information about connecting through the week please contact Pastors Eric, Marg and Simon:

Please scroll through for other opportunities to belong to and be part of.


Devotion: Monday through Friday: 8:30am

Corporate prayer: Sunday 9:15am


  • FunCity Kids every Sunday for children 0-11 years old, 9:30am Registration
  • Sun City Community Playgroup, resuming February 12th
  • mainly music, returning Feb 14th
  • FunCity Kids Thursdays, after school during School term
  • Blast, Fridays, after school during School term
  • FunCity Connects

FILIPINO FELLOWSHIP:  Meeting on last Saturdays of each month.  Please check with Aldwin Pipon for details.

SUN CITY YOUNG ADULTS:  Please check for 2019 return date. For more details:

SUN CITY SENIORS: Meeting with Wednesday Church.  Wednesday Church will recommence 13th February 2019.

SUN CITY WORSHIPS:  Wednesday practice resuming January 30 2019.

SUN CITY YOUTH:  Youth activities will recommence on the week of 4th February.