Sun City Care IncIn 2008 Sun City Christian Centre established Sun City Care to assist those who are most needy in our community.

We continue in the facilities at 14 Assen Street.



You’ll find ‘Restored’ running if you follow the signs – low cost clothing and bric-a-brac with all proceeds going towards our food distribution operations.  Opening hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays between 10am & 1pm.

‘Wandalgu’ – a beautiful property about 150kms out of town  in place to help those in our community who are struggling daily with life controlling issues which directly impact their ability to maintain tenancies, employment and stable personal and family relationships.  Wandalgu is a centre where dignity is restored, hope is brought and a brighter future can be secured.

There’s some information attached – if you’d like to speak with someone in person please either call (08) 9964 1000 or email with your details.


Wandalgu Hostel




Participants Booklets


Application Form -Wandalgu Residential Support Program

Program Costs and Fees


Sun City Supported Accommodation Centre, the ‘Cottage’ – formally opened in July 2017.

Enquiries to 99346494.  Helping those with crisis and emergency accommodation needs.