As a Christian organisation engaged in Missions and Development, we find our purpose and direction in the Bible and the model of Christ. We understand that we are called to participate in God’s redemptive plan and Christ’s mission of reconciliation. Our Mission is to transform communities and Nations, one life at a time by developing holistic and sustainable solutions to combat injustice, poverty and reinstate the value of life. We aim to promote equal access to the rights and services that protect life and human dignity.

  • ACCI uses a multifaceted approach to achieving our missions, which includes a combination of ministry initiatives and development projects that incorporate project sustainability, rights, advocacy and public awareness campaigns.
  • We facilitate the sending of Field Workers and the formation of strategic partnerships to achieve our mission. The role of our field staff is to engage with and empower communities to be active participants in their own development.
  • ACCI encourages our field workers to partner with other like-minded organisations and Governments to implement rights based development in accordance with international guidelines and national frameworks.
  • ACCI promotes the cause of Missions within our networks and provides opportunities for churches, donors and volunteers to engage with our mission.
  • As we work towards achieving this mission we will act professionally, think strategically, and be accountable to our stakeholders, primarily the communities we serve.

ACCI Missions & Relief

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ABN: 66 077 367 223

ACCI Missions is the missionary sending and support agency of the Australian Christian Churches movement

ACCI Missions is an accredited member of Missions Interlink and operates in compliance with Missions Interlink Statements and Accreditation Standards.

ABN: 26 077 365 434

ACCI Relief is the Aid and Development arm of the Australian Christian Churches movement ACCI Relief is an ACFID member, and complies with the ACFID Code of Conduct, which defines minimum standards of governance, management and accountability for non-governmental development organisations.

We are also signatories to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Code of Conduct for Disaster Relief and aim to meet the standards for Disaster Response as set out by the Sphere Humanitarian Charter.

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