Welcome to Sun City Christian Centre

14 Assen Street Geraldton WA 6530

Until further notice, all meetings at Sun City Christian Centre are in recess. Unprecedented times for us and many – our faith remains in Christ and we submit to the authorities He has put in place. We continue to play our part in prayer, and in care, all round including those most vulnerable in our midst. 

We take this opportunity to encourage everyone to stay safe, well, strong and connected; looking not only to our own interests but to the needs and interests of others.  The early Church devoted themselves, to prayer, the word, fellowship, giving and sharing their faith; these five simple spiritual health guidelines will keep us strong and soft as we keep our love for God and others. Please stay in touch – encourage one another; there are many ways we can do this. If you hear of anyone in need, please email pa@suncitycc.org.au and SCCC will do what she can.  

Please follow the link below to view our second weekly online devotion with Ps Graham for March 29:  KNOW HIM 

Notes, studies & communion messages are found in the Sermons tab.

We will be in contact regularly and our weekly email will still land with updates and other general info on Fridays. You are welcome to follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/14AssenStreet/.

We are so grateful for you all and let’s be in fervent prayer for our world, operating in the wisdom that comes from above to navigate these times and in all things, showing mercy and kindness, ready to give an answer for the hope that we have, thank You Father.  You are loved by God and precious to Him; you are loved by us and precious to us.  God cares and so do we;

Our love, as always 

Graham & Cathie Fabian 

Senior Pastors




If anyone needs information on how to give online, please email admin@suncitycc.org.au.